Can I Get An Update!


There are now just 15 days left until the Big Gigantic Halloween show at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA! Hope I’m not the only none who’s starting feel a little rowdy in the brain…

TTSTFINALv4No matter how you carve it, The Night Is still Young for our countdown to the big day, but rest assured, It’s Going Down. If you’re feeling Blue, don’t worry – it’s just a Dream. We’ll all be Wide Awake and on to the High Life before you know it!

And… Since it’s Thursday, let’s take a little tour down memory lane to some earlier moments from this year at Mad Decent Block Party and Rowdytown III:

Get your tickets for Halloween and get ready to Touch The Sky


So Close I Can Almost Touch The Sky


jackolantern_thumbLast night I went to go see Flying Lotus in Atlanta. Thundercat opened. Mind was blown. I also had an opportunity to get myself acquainted with The Tabernacle, which just so happens to be one of the SICKEST venues I’ve ever been to. I’m looking forward to returning there in the future… the not so distant future even.

That being said, now I can barely contain the anticipation of Big Gigantic‘s Halloween show. There are only 19 days left! I’ve got my costume all ready to go and I’m keeping myself in peak condition to make sure I can run with the boys when they hit down in Atlanta and take off.


Big Gigantic at Madison Square Garden, source: Facebook

The tour kicked off at Madison Square Garden in NYC with Bassnectar for what I can only imagine was one of the rowdiest nights on record. Envy for all who were in attendance. They continued on to play Cleveland, OH, Grand Rapids, MI, St. Louis, MO, and last night Kansas City, MO. Tonight they’re in Urbana, IL – I hope the city is ready for them!

Coming off of a huge festival season with a relentless schedule that doesn’t really let up until New Years Eve in Colorado, Big Gigantic is proving to be a hard-hitting, touring machine these days – a heavyweight champion! It will be exciting to see what, if any new material they are trying out this fall, which could prove to be quite a lot based on recent collaborations and remixes they’ve been working on.

Don’t miss out on the tour! Get your tickets while they last: Hope to see you there! If you’re going and feel like it, leave a comment and share what your costume is!

Check out this collaboration between Manic Focus and Dominic Lalli on “Bumpin’ the Voodoo”. It’s a seriously heavy groove and Dom rages the sax all throughout. I’m definitely hoping some of this comes out at the Halloween show!



Can I Get a Countdown!


Tomorrow is the first day of October – my favorite month of the year! The reasons to love October are innumerable. My birthday is coming up, the best weather is about to hit, pumpkin everything will be in full swing, and the best holiday ever awaits us at the end!

This year will be an extra special October, not only because I get to run a half marathon on my birthday, but because my favorite electronic music act, BIG GIGANTIC, will be coming to Atlanta on the 31st to blow the roof of The Tabernacle! Two favorites in one day – how bout it!? This is gonna be a dank and freaky spooktacular for all who make it.


I’ve started a countdown here on Sharing in a Groove, and I invite you all to join in with me as I await A Big Gigantic Halloween. Hope to see you there!

Get tickets!

While you’re here, check out this interview Dominic Lalli did with Thump:




source: Facebook

source: Facebook

It’s worth noting that Perennial Fest has undergone a transformation in the last few days. The weekly event, still held Tuesday nights at 9:30pm at New Earth Music Hall will henceforth be known as Myriad Interactive Art & Music Exhibition.

This week’s exhibition will feature live music from American Mannequins and artist Marc Lineberger as he works on a new creation in-house. Other pieces from Lineberger will be on display and possibly for sale.

An open jam will follow the performances as usual. See you there!


For Your Ears


I’m not just a consumer of art!

I try to get as involved as possible in my interests. I love helping out with promotion, and if opportunities arise I am always interested in being a part of the action behind the scenes. As many of my friends know, I help promote Big Gigantic whenever they play in my area. I’ve built up a lot of experience using social media through these efforts, as well as physical promotions, putting up posters around town.

Additionally, I try to jump in on poetry open mics when I can, and if I pull myself together enough, I really enjoy organizing them.

To supplement my writing, I’ve been recording a lot of my work, which you can check out on my SoundCloud page, Wrunning Words. Hopefully you won’t have to listen to ads anytime soon if you head over there to check it out!

Anyway, these are just a few more types of experiences that readers can expect to hear about here. Dimension! Gotta love it.

Open Mic Night with the Robert Creeley Foundation @ Reasons to Be Cheerful in Concord, MA

Open Mic Night with the Robert Creeley Foundation @ Reasons to Be Cheerful in Concord, MA