I Can’t Go… But You Should!


Painful as it may be to let something go, sometimes there is no way around it. This week I find myself departing for a week-long adventure to New York and then to Boston for the English Institute at Harvard. While I can’t say I feel I’m making any compromises here, I will be unable to attend some great shows coming to Athens this weekend.

Thus, Sharing in a Groove celebrates the rise of a new segment, which we will call for now “I Can’t Go… But You Should.” In these posts – of which I’m sure there will be many more of as I continue to fill in my schedule – I will bring attention to the events in town I think should be checked out, but that I cannot make. It would be awesome for anyone who takes me up on these suggestions to leave comments about their experience at the show, share pictures, or tell about any other interesting music and arts events they attended that I failed to mention.

First up, on Wednesday, September 18th, The Heavy Pets are playing at New Earth Music Hall with The Fresshtones and the Halem Albright Band. The Heavy Pets have been on my list for a while now, but I recently saw the Halem Albright Band at the Green Room and they were a great time! You can read a review I did on them here. The show is only $5, so it’s a great deal too!


Speaking of the Green Room, another new favorite local band of mine, The Kinky Aphrodisiacs, are playing there on Saturday, September 20th with Andy Bruh and and Robbie Dude. I saw the KA’s and Andy Bruh at the Umphrey’s McGee after party at New Earth a few weeks ago and had a blast! This is not one I would miss if you’re in town. It’s sure to be a raucous and dance-happy time, and it’s fo free! Thank me later, thank the musicians first.


I’ll be sure to update this post if I find more going on, but those are my current highlights. Get out there and share in a groove!


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