Perennial Fest V



I am the student of my teacher, and my teacher was a master

Carl Lindberg of Grogus headlined the fifth happening of Perennial Fest on Tuesday night. Attendance down at New Earth was larger than the previous week, with more members of the audience there as viewers and not just participant musicians there for the open jam at the end. Anyone who missed this week should start rethinking their Tuesday nights!


Carl Lindberg, JANKA!

Lindberg’s solo act, JANKA, is a special kind of musical experience. He poured his soul out into his simple, but profound songs, giving the audience what could be the definition of an intimate performance. The depth and consciousness behind his music is a force, not to be reckoned with, but a force of communication and spirituality. It’s earthy, worldly, and matches the pacing of his surroundings, giving it a very natural energy. The heat and the humidity can almost be felt swirling through his songs. “With this,” he says of JANKA, “I can really fulfill my blues entity.”


Adriana Thomas

Sure enough, the music strongly rooted in a blues sentimentality, but there is more to it yet. Images, ideas, and influences were pulled from sources such as “a love poem written by a tai chi master”. His voice is incredible too, and he can wail the blues like on other, with all the rawness bellowing contemplation of an old master. It really shined on his song about a caterpillar’s transformation, roaring at the end, “fly free butterfly fly, fly free!” It cannot go unmentioned that Lindberg can play just about any instrument under the sun. Where did he learn all of this? Well, as he told the audience, “I am the student of my teacher, and my teacher was a master.” Adriana Thomas, host of the event, accompanied Lindberg for a few songs, sitting in on drums.

Ember Fox

Ember Fox

Also accompanying the music this week were two dancers. Ember Fox, of Ember Fox Fire Arts showed off her hooping skills, while Bex put on a lovely display twirling cloth and fans. They added a perfect touch to the music, providing very natural and organic motions and visuals.



The open jam this week went down a bit of a funkier route than last last weeks’s jazzier feel. Aside from the fun of watching the rotating musicians keep up some fairly extended improvisations, there were some nice covers in the jam including some Talking Heads and even a brief “Inspector Gadget” theme. Bartender Andrew, formerly of The Royal Noise also sat in on the congas again.

Next week will feature American Mannequins. Be there!

“In the spirit of creative abundance,” get involved:




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