I’m a writer from Massachusetts who spends a great deal of my time running through the music scene wherever I find myself. I try to meet as many people along the way as I can, building relationships through a passion for getting down, getting weird, and sharing in a groove.

Recently, I uprooted and moved to Athens, GA and I’m excited to start exploring what this city has to offer. As I work my way around various musical acts, small and large, and other performances (I write a lot of poetry and love attending readings and open mics) I’ll use this site to keep a working catalog of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and people that I meet, preferably all written up as good stories. Some photos will find their way in here too. In this way, I hope to make better sense of my new home, and become more deeply involved in the artistic scenes in town.

My preference for music lies more in the jam scene – anything funky, psychedelic, or electronic – and I have a pretty strong passion for the EDM, which I hear is on the rise here. Keep tabs on this page to see what I get into, and maybe even what I can get started!

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